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Student athletes behind the scenes, outside of practice

Karina Cope

October 28, 2019

Exercising and working out apart from scheduled practices is crucial to an athlete's success on the playing field, court or track. Implementing a solid gym routine into their weekly schedules keeps athletes on top of their game and drastically improves their performance and the performance is what w...

Harmonizing the responsibilities of a student athlete

Bekah Boyle strategizing with the team as Brooke Fogel sets up for a serve. September 22, 2018 Photo credit: Lucero Del Rayo-Nava

Wesley Harris

September 4, 2019

The hustle and bustle lifestyle of a student athlete is not one for the weak minded; it's a lifestyle that includes sprints before dawn, tortuous study sessions after the rest of town goes to bed and a list of anxieties between them.The precious time reserved to be able to let yourself go is an import...

Degrees vs. dreams: should student athletes go pro?

Infographic explaining the chances of going pro. Photo credit: Kenta Mcafee

Danielle Pubill

August 30, 2016

As their time as Chico State athletes comes to a close, the seniors' lives are just beginning. With graduation in the spring, they start to set their eyes toward the future, and student athletes decide whether to make use of their degree or chase their dream and go pro.After playing almost four year...

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