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Honoring the legacy of Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez bettered the lives of many farm workers in California by leading peaceful protests and boycotts for equal rights. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Alisa Thorsen

March 31, 2015

As they picked grapes underneath the scorching California sun, the migrant farm workers of 50 years ago were only given one cup of water to last the whole day. They shared this cup with the other workers and had to pay a fee to fill it up with water. This was just one of the many abuses farm workers in the United States had t...

Chico State professor receives human rights award

Chico State professor receives human rights award

Dj Morris

February 27, 2015

Promoting equal opportunity, reducing violence and being an advocate for peace are just a few things that made Chico State professor Susan Green an ideal candidate to win the California Teachers Association's 2015 Cesar Chavez “Si Se Puede” Human Rights award. As an undergraduate student ...

Hispanic Heritage Month embraces culture

Percentage of Chico State's Hispanic population. Photo credit: Michaela Sundholm

Michaela Sundholm

September 30, 2014

Aug. 23 to Oct. 15 marks Chico State's celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, giving a fast-growing demographic at Chico State a chance to honor their culture. Sarahy Barcenas, a freshman biochemistry major, was one of the students in attendance for the showing. For her, Hispanic Heritage Month is a ...

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