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14th annual ‘This Way to Sustainability’: Climate change is already here

Nirvan Mullick and crowd hold their fists up as the sign for the #ClimateUprising on Friday. The clenched fist is a symbol of the #ClimateUprising. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Kendall George, Gordy Papalias, Nate Rettinger, Christian Solis, and Josh Cozine

April 4, 2019

"This Way to Sustainability" was held Thursday and Friday, highlighting Chico State's green initiative on campus. The nationally recognized, student-run conference helped to spread information about climate change, ways to limit greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste, and create a more sustainable li...

‘This Way to Sustainability’ highlights carbon neutrality and student engagement

(Left to right) Kelly Scott, Michal Hanson, Alyssa Myers and Elizabeth Harmer celebrate the successful sustainability conference that they all helped coordinate this year. Photo credit: Alex Grant

Josh Cozine

March 19, 2018

Sustainability driven students and faculty gathered from across the state Thursday and Friday for Chico State’s 13th annual This Way to Sustainability Conference. One of the largest conferences of its type in the state, the event was organized by The Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD), a...

Trinity Commons event offers free music and raffle

Step Into Sustainability will happen March 23 from 11-4 p.m. Photo credit: George Johnston

George Johnston

March 20, 2016

Chico State's Trinity Commons is soon to be filled with the sounds of free music and raffles. On Wednesday, Step into Sustainability will take place in the Trinity Commons from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Live music will be played throughout the event with various dance performances going on as well. There...

Sustainability conference includes ‘many voices, common ground’

Photo from event Facebook page

Sarah Strausser

March 7, 2016

Chico State has been home to the "This Way to Sustainability" conference for 11 years. This year the conference will feature new speakers, feature films and question-and-answer forums with sustainability professionals. "It is a nationally recognized student-run conference," said Avalon Brown, junior...

Sustainability conference aims to teach, promote green mindset

Ashley Hernandez and Sarah Anderson run the raffle at the This Way to Sustainability conference on Friday. Photo credit: Elaine Knudsen

Elaine Knudsen

March 29, 2015

About 1,000 students showed up to the This Way to Sustainability conference, which showcased climate impacts, vulnerabilities, adaptation strategies and implementation methods. “The event is mainly being held to open up students to sustainable living," said Austin Marshall, a volunteer. "A lo...

Senior Spotlight: Student won’t let environment go to waste

Mitch Hayes, a senior business project management major and managing for sustainability minor, has used his passion for nature to aid his five semesters of success in sustainability programs at Chico State. Photo credit: Malik Payton

Nicole Santos

February 26, 2015

Whether Mitchell Hayes is camping or enjoying his favorite local park, it's hard for him not to notice the pervasive presence of waste in the environment. "I notice myself upset and troubled when human waste impedes on my ability to appreciate the elegance of nature," Hayes said. "Being able to enjo...

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