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Condoms: the ins and outs

Getty Image by Kiyoshi Hijiki.

Rachael Bayuk

November 5, 2018

Americans as a group aren't using condoms. According to Statista, only 36 million consumers said they were using condoms, while 285 million admitted they were not using condoms. Now the question is, why are we as a whole not using condoms? We think raw sex feels better.It doesn't, you are just using the wr...

The O Face: The decline in condoms use

Photo credit: David Molina

Rachel Reyes and David Molina

October 29, 2016

When first-years moved into their new halls, some resident advisors welcomed them with lanyards, water bottles, coupons to restaurants or my personal favorite: free condoms. One of the most freeing things to do while in college is having the ability to explore and live life according to one’s own...

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