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Letters to: students who hog the parking

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Salma Reyes

March 26, 2019

Do you really need to take your car to school if you live close by?Dear students who live close to campus and decide to drive their cars to campus anyways,Hi, how are you doing? How was your two-minute drive to school? Were you able to find a parking space? I have a serious question for the students who...

Picture of the day

After two days of rainy weather, a student enjoys the shade during a sunny day on April 8. Photo credit: Martin Chang

Martin Chang

April 8, 2018

After two days of rainy weather, a student enjoys the shade during a sunny day on April 8.

Over 5,000 pedestrians killed in the U.S in 2016

Pedestrian deaths increased by 11 percent since 2015. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Jafet Serrato

April 19, 2017

Nearly 6,000 people died while walking to their destination last year, according to a recent analysis report by the Governors Highway Safety Association. That is an 11 percent increase compared to 2015, at 5,376 deaths. Out of those killed, 359 of them were from California, making it the state with the ...

Post-finals adventures await

Th trail that I took that lead me down towards a road that leads to Bear Hole, a popular swim location during the summer. The road had tons of little trails branching off of it. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues

Jordan Rodrigues

December 16, 2016

After the last couple weeks of all-nighters, it's time to start exploring and hiking around different trails in Upper Park to wind down and relax. This trip helped me clear my mind from all responsibilities for about an hour. The little break from reality was revitalizing after the end of the semester.Taking pictures ...

Walk if you love your wallet

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Sean Daly

February 17, 2016

For primarily non-native Chico State students, getting to know this town is a challenge. School creates new living situations that students must adapt to regarding transportation, groceries and other necessities. In this point of our lives where students must be self-sufficient with low funds, Chico...

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