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Racism now trending

Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

Roberto Fonseca

January 23, 2017

On Jan. 5, a video of four teenagers who bound, gagged and tortured a disabled white teenager went viral, affectionately picking up the hashtag “BLMKidnapping.” The four teenagers were arrested for the video and their motivation for the attack was clearly from the anti-Trump and anti-white slurs shouted dur...

Race relations are moving backward

Photo credit: David Molina

Jeff Guzman and David Molina

October 14, 2016

Race relations in the U.S. are starting to move backward. Sixty-three percent of Americans believe that race relations in the United States are generally bad and that a majority of Americans think that race relations are getting worse, according to several polls by the Washington Post. Anywhere in the country, whether it’s Ferguson, Charlotte, Dallas, Chicago or Milwaukee, the dissatisfaction is clear. As the first African-Am...

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