The Cans Make Us Face Consumption

Ryan Voigtman’s Mountain Dew and Pepsi cans in his exhibition on the third floor of the BMU. Photo credit: Chelsea Jeffers

Reducing, reusing and recycling are all big parts of Chico life, and nothing makes students rethink their use then having it lined up in front of them.

This is exactly what Ryan Voigtman, a transfer student studying printmaking, has done.

His art installation “The Cans,” located in the Bell Memorial Union third floor gallery, shows not only how much we use in a month, but different ways to recycle our materials.

The gallery is set up with two lines of cans. One line consists of cans with bullet holes in them. The second line has cans he squeezed once to form into different shapes.

All of the cans comprise his soda consumption in one month.

“My intention is to provide a visual analysis of consumption on an individual scale,” Voigtman wrote in his explanation of the exhibit.

The two different sides are labeled as “The Cans: One Shot” and “The Cans: One Squeeze.”

The idea of doing something to the cans after their original use goes back to the idea of recycling by creating a new way to recycle the cans, Voigtman said.

The exhibit will be open until March 10.

Veronica Hodur can be reached at [email protected] or @VeronicaHodur on Twitter.