Art home tour puts Chico on display

Maria Phillips, owner of Avenue 9 gallery, will display her collection of various media and artists on the Treasures of a Collection tour. Photo Courtesy of Tehama Group Communications.

The Chico Art Center, a nonprofit art gallery located at the Chico train station, is hosting a guided tour of the homes of four prominent members of the Chico art community to help raise funds for the center.

The event, called Treasures of a Collection, will be hosted from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on April 12 and will be held at each individual artists’ or collectors’ home.

Each piece has a unique story behind it and there will be volunteers in each home to answer questions about the artist and the art, according to the Chico Art Center press release.

The Treasures of a Collection tour is meant to raise awareness for the importance of art and to support the work of the Chico Art Center in the face of reduced funding, according to the press release. The events will feature art, music and food at each member’s home.

Dorna Andersen will share a collection of her handcrafted 3-D art. Maria Phillips will show a collection of local artists’ works from her Avenue 9 Gallery.

Bruce and Jeanne Ertle will show a collection of Bruce’s original artwork and several other paintings. Gwen Curatilo will share her collection of local art, which has grown for 13 years.

Tickets are available at the Chico Art Center. Tickets are $55 for members and $60 for nonmembers.

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