Deadline to pledge money for clubs today


Students wishing to support their favorite clubs and organizations on campus have until 5 p.m. today to commit funding through the Associated Students General Elections.

Students can pledge a total of $15 to up to three different clubs. A list of the over 200 eligible organizations can be found here.

Last year, the 27 percent of eligible students who participated in revenue sharing endowed about $63,000 to campus programs, according to the A.S.’s website.

Students don’t have to pay to pledge these funds because they are sourced from a campus fee collected by the A.S. each semester.

The Student Activity Fee, which is the source of the funds for revenue sharing, was $64 for undergraduate students for the fall 2013 term, according to Student Financial Services.

Money that isn’t allocated through revenue sharing is returned to the A.S.’s general fund, said Kat Soudan, a Government Affairs Office employee. Student organizations looking for further funding can propose events to the Event Funding Allocation Council for programs costing up to $4,000 on the premise that they benefit students and the campus.

A link to the online election ballot can be found on this page.

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