KCSC Radio Metal DJ Q-and-A

Koray Saglam, a senior international economics major, is one of many radio disc jockeys that work for the student-run KCSC radio station. He, along with Sarah West, hosts a metal radio show every Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Orion got the opportunity to sit down with Saglam, whose radio name is DJ Herman the German, and ask him some questions pertaining to his show and how he got involved with KCSC.

The Orion: What’s the name of your radio show and how did you come up with the name?

Saglam: Throw Down Radio. We were just discussing different names for the radio show and just joking around. Throw Down Radio just happened to come up during the discussion and we all agreed on the name.

The Orion: What’s it like working at KCSC?

Saglam: It is definitely a relaxed atmosphere for sure. It’s very welcoming and many of the people there are like family. You know you have to get things done and play music but the atmosphere is just great there. The music is different from DJ to DJ, but we all get along very well.

The Orion: How did you first get involved with KCSC?

Saglam: Last semester, I knew some other Swedish exchange students working as interns for KCSC. A friend asked me If I wanted to join in on a radio show and I was up for it. I just filled out an application and got in. Usually Sarah West and I will be playing music and a few other friends will also be there in the studio to just hang out.

The Orion: What is your favorite part about the job as a radio host for KCSC?

Saglam: My favorite thing about the job is that I get to combine my passion for music with an activity. Doing a radio show is a great way to connect people and music. It’s just nice to be at the station, organizing some things and just making the whole thing work at KCSC.

The Orion: What type of music do you play on your show and who are some artists you feature?

Saglam: We focus on underground metal music. The goal of the station is to promote not-so-well-known artists or ones that are not on top billboards. Some bands that we play consist of Lamb of God, Black Dahlia Murder and Hands Like Houses.

The Orion: What’s your situation like right now?

Saglam: Currently, I’m finishing my exchange year from Sweden. I am about to graduate and I’m unsure whether to pursue an opportunity into the music industry or to work towards a master’s degree in international economics.

The Orion: Is it difficult to get involved over at the station?

Saglam: It’s not hard at all. KCSC is a student-run organization and we are very open to getting as much student involvement as possible. Come talk to us to get more information to join and be involved. Just be interested in music and willing to get involved.

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