New production company spotlights student events

Jeffrey Fox founded the quickly-growing production company Get Foxy Productions, helping students promote their events. Photo credit: Chelsea Jeffers

Get Foxy Productions, a video production company that started two months ago, already has more than 122,000 views on its videos and that number keeps climbing.

The nonprofit company began by filming the disc jockey duo The Medix at local parties. Since then it has branched out by filming other student-run events.

“We haven’t really gone out and sought people; they come to us,” said Jeffrey Fox, owner and content director of the company.

Fox is a senior communications design major with a minor in public relations. He is also the assistant programming director for KCSC, where he has a punk show called “LSD Sucks Probably” that airs at noon every Friday.

The company began with four members and has grown to 14. All members are Chico State students and most are involved with other school programs, such as KCSC.

Get Foxy is trying to branch out from the party scene and help student organizations gain publicity, Fox said.

Get Foxy’s most recent projects include videos for Chico State’s School of the Arts and a promotion video for candidates in the Associated Students election.

“Its continued to progress,” Fox said. “Because it’s a collaborative thing, it just keeps getting better and better.”

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