Chico State’s ceramic club creates imaginative art

Imagination is brought to life by students in the Chico State ceramics lab. Photo credit: Chelsea Jeffers

The Chico State Ceramics Club is an organization of student ceramic artists who practice the fascinating craft with passion and creativity.

Members create beautiful, original, microwave-safe pieces, such as cups and mugs, which are then sold to raise money for the club. One can occasionally see their wares displayed for sale near Meriam Library.

In addition to the pieces they sell, members also work on personal artistic projects and practice their skills. Along with creating “thrown” objects, like cups and mugs, members work in ceramic sculpture and practice the technique of slipcasting, each process producing unique results.

All members of the Ceramics Club must be in a ceramics class at Chico State.

The club is always looking for new members and everyone is encouraged to try it. All skill levels are welcome so members can help others learn and expand their skills.

Ceramics artists have to work through a learning curve when creating pieces, said Brian McNamara, a junior art major with an emphasis in ceramics.

“You have to sit down and spend time with the material,” McNamara said. “It’s just like any other art form. You have to work at it and slowly and progressively get better.”

McNamara has enjoyed playing with mud ever since he was a kid, and ceramics is just like that, he said. It’s rewarding.

“You can have these wild ideas of what you want to make, and the clay will pretty much do whatever you tell it to do,” McNamara said. “I just really enjoy it as an art form.”

While the Ceramics Club has finished its main activities this semester, some goals the club has for the fall include focusing on sales and raising money in order to go to the National Ceramics Conference in Providence, Rhode Island. This event is a gathering of ceramic artists and craftsmen from all over the country.

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