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    Housing statements revoked amidst Whitney Hall construction

  • Hands holding up a megaphone, a sign that reads “Teamsters Local 2010, CFA and APC” and a piece of paper that says “Tentative Agreement.” Created by Grace Stark on March 1.


    3 Union tentative agreements to be voted on at CSU Board of Trustees March 4 meeting

  • A Nov. 19, 2023 Palestine Walkout attendee holds a sign that reads “Stop Genocide Free! Palestine.” Taken on Nov. 19, 2023


    Chico State Associated Students ceasefire resolution announced Saturday

  • Tommy, a 3 year old Golden Retriever, interacts with students at The Well. Taken by Toby Neal on Feb. 28.

    Arts & Entertainment

    Bell Memorial Union is going to the dogs

  • Signs with checkmarks on them. Created by Steven Amador on Mar. 1


    CSU Board of Trustees to vote on Academic Professionals of America tentative agreement

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Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State class of 2014 graduates

Chico State graduates patiently sitting through the ceremony and eagerly waiting to finally hold their diploma in their hands. Photo credit: Chelsea Jeffers

Under the blistering sun, Chico State students bid farewell to their undergraduate studies Saturday and Sunday at the annual Chico State commencement ceremony.

Students from the colleges of agriculture, behavioral and social sciences, business and engineering, computer science and construction management graduated Saturday while students from the colleges of communication and education, humanities and fine arts and natural sciences graduated Sunday.

“I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment,” said Catalina Sanchez, graduate political science and public administration major. “I’ll definitely miss having the support from faculty because they helped me move forward and I’ll miss the close relationships I had.”

Sanchez graduated with the rest of her college at the University Stadium. Due to limited entrance this year, venues with large screen TV’s were held outside the stadium to accommodate additional guests, including the Performing Arts Center building, Laxson Auditorium and Glenn Lawn.

“This actually seems really nice in the shade and the screen is perfectly fine so I’m actually okay with just sitting over here,” said Amanda Sailors, a graduate in agricultural science.

Sailors graduated with the College of Agriculture in Laxson Auditorium Saturday. She was watching her roommate graduate from a screen TV in the over-flow area of Glenn lawn.

“I actually liked it in the auditorium,” said Liz Sailors, mother of Amanda Sailors. “It’s probably not as celebratory – the kids aren’t as outgoing in the commotion but it was nice in there.”

Guests in Laxson Auditorium clapped after the speeches ended even though they were not at the University Stadium.

Alejandra Ayala, a graduate in anthropology, said she was able to have her family seated in the stadium. Her family traveled from Puerto Rico to see her graduate on Saturday.

“I feel accomplished, relieved and obviously happy that I’m done – hell yeah,” she said. “I finished a chapter in my life.”

On Saturday, graduate business major Brandon Durkin gave a speech during the commencement advising students to follow author J.K. Rowling’s quote about making mistakes.

“So my advice to you, my fellow classmates, is to live life to the fullest without fear of failure,” Durkin said. “Speak up, take chances and be the driving force of the change that you want to see. Do this and I promise that you will find success in life.”

President Zingg also left graduates with words encouraging them to pursue their goals.

“Yes, go confidently in the direction of your own dreams – and enable others to have theirs,” Zingg said. “Make no mistake about it. We are a better place because you have been here. We will become even better as you stay in touch with us as an active member of the Chico State Alumni Association and as you share with us your journeys and decisions, always, we hope, on the side of the true, the beautiful and the virtuous.”

Christine Lee can be reached at [email protected] or @leechris017 on Twitter.

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