Idea Fab Labs in ‘full swing’ for fall semester

Jordan Layman, co-founder of the Idea Fab Labs, displays a sign created with the lab's new 3-D carver. Photo credit: Emma Wood-Wright

As innovative ideas fester in the brain, the Idea Fab Labs offers the space and tools to transform ideas into reality.

Located at 603 Orange St., the Fab Labs has acquired new tools since last semester and is now offering classes to the public, too.

“We’re in full swing,” co-founder Jordan Layman said.

Co-founder Erin Banwell said the facility has developed a program of classes and anyone can submit a proposal to teach one.

So far, there are three classes: “Producing Music with Ableton Live,” “Fire Safety is Classy” with Meg Amor and “Starting an Etsy Shop: Nuts and Bolts” with
Sadie Rose Casey.

The Fab Labs will also host an exhibit sponsored by the Museum of Northern California Art, in which three Chico State alums will have access to the facility and let their creativity run wild. Their creations will be on display to the public 3-6 p.m. Oct. 18.

Some of the proceeds will go toward transforming the old Chico Veteran’s building into the Museum of Northern California Art.

Facility updates include:

  • A jewelry zone
  • Leather crafting tools
  • Fine metal working tools
  • An industrial sewing machine
  • Two types of 3-D scanners
  • 3-D carving CNC Shopbot

Emma Wood-Wright can be reached at [email protected] or @emmawoodwright on Twitter.