Postponed fund delays projects

Kevin Killion, Associated Students education and outreach coordinator, said he wanted to propose an idea for the Sustainability Fund Allocation Committee to fund his project. Photo credit: Lana Goddu

The Associated Students is suspending the Sustainability Fund Allocation Committee this semester until spring 2015.

Each semester, $5.75 is taken out of student fees, which is used to fund student sustainable projects, said Jovan Smith, A.S. vice president of facilities and services. The fee, which incurs around $60,000 per year and managed by the allocation committee, is currently suspended because there’s no coordinator.

Eli Goodsell, the former A.S. sustainability coordinator, resigned from his position this month, requiring the A.S. to look for a temporary replacement. Without Goodsell, the committee is unable to proceed.

Smith and Jon Slaughter, director of A.S. programs and government affairs, made a joint decision to suspend the group until next semester.

To apply for funding, students had to attend a mandatory workshop led by Goodsell, Smith said.

Projects that were funded by the A.S. Sustainability Fund included the A.S. Bike Cart, the student B-Line transit service and interns who attended the “This Way to Sustainability” conference.

“It’s pretty disappointing, considering this is my senior year and my last opportunity to use (the Sustainability Fund Allocation Committee),” said Kevin Killion, A.S. education and outreach coordinator.

Killion was hoping to have Chico State host the next California Student Sustainability Coalition conference, which would bring together almost 500 student leaders from across the state, he said.

The money that has already been collected this semester will not be used until spring 2015, Smith said. Unused funds from this semester will be added on top of funds collected next semester, giving students twice the amount of money to fund projects.

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