Sexual assault, weapons arrests up


The number of reported sexual assaults, an annual compilation weapons arrests and car thefts on or near the campus all went up in 2013, but the overall crime rate at Chico State fell for a second straight year.

The university’s Clery Report, an annual compilation of crime statistics required under federal law and released Wednesday, shows 170 crimes were reported in 2013, 70 fewer than in 2012.

University Police Chief Robyn Hearne said that changes in enforcement tactics, correct reporting and a shift in student attitude are likely the reasons for the general drop in crimes, but still don’t fully reflect the full amount of crime occurring on campus.

“We know the amount of reporting compared to the amount of crimes committed is low,” she said. “We are encouraging student to come forward so that we can correctly evaluate what is happening around campus.”

The report noted increases on or near campus in reports of:

  • Forcible sex offenses – eight in 2013, five in 2012 and 2011
  • Weapons possession – five in 2013, two in 2012
  • Car thefts – six in 2013, two in 2012

Decreases were reported for:

  • Drug Arrests – 36 in 2013, 33 in 2013
  • Aggravated assault – seven in 2013, two in 2012
  • Robbery – four in 2012, two last year.

Hearne agreed that some crimes seem particularly low and reiterated that students should not fear coming forward to speak to police, regardless of their situation.

“We want to know not only as the campus police, but as the university in its entirety, that students need to come forward and report the crimes they encounter, particularly with sexual assault,” she said. “We can’t change it, unless we really know and that comes down to reporting.”

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