Police: Booze ban leads to fewer arrests

Sarah Sutton Thousands gathered for the 2012 Labor Day float, pictured here.
Sarah Sutton
Thousands gathered for the 2012 Labor Day float, pictured here.

From Friday night to Saturday night, police made 43 arrests, as opposed to 84 arrests made during the same period in 2012, according to a Chico Police press release. Calls for assistance during that time also dropped from 1243 in 2012 to 889.

The offenses that triggered the weekend’s arrests included:

  • 27 drunks in public

  • 1 assault

  • 1 warrant

  • 1 burglary

  • 6 driving under the influence (not including arrests made by the California Highway Patrol)

  • 1 possession of marijuana for sale

  • 1 possession of drug paraphernalia

  • 1 resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer

  • 1 providing false information to an officer

  • 1 possession of methamphetamine including transportation for sale


Out of those arrested, the place of origin and status demographics for the arrested broke down as follows:

  • 8 Chico State students

  • 6 Butte College students

  • 5 visiting students

  • 12 visiting non-students

  • 12 local non-student residents

The public safety situation was helped by fewer out-of-town visitors and locally-focused alternative events for students, according to the release.

The release cites the alcohol ban imposed on the Sacramento River as the main contributing factor in reducing crime and safety hazards.

Despite the sharp decrease in arrests and violent events, Chico Police are concerned that the overall cost of the increased crimefighting during Labor Day weekend might tarnish its apparent public safety benefits.

A cost analysis of the weekend’s operations is currently being compiled, according to the release.


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