Faculty stage rally for new union contract

Political science professor Michael Coyle speaks to faculty members at the Chico State rally for contract negotiations. Photo credit: Ernesto Rivera

Chico State faculty have officially worked 100 days without a union contract.

Members of the California Faculty Association, students and supporters staged a rally around 1 p.m.Wednesday in front of Kendall Hall. Rallies were also held Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the 23 California State University campuses.

The faculty members and supporters’ message to the Chancellors office is the need for a new contract that includes comprehensive salary increases and a workload reduction.

“We’re here because we want a fair contract and the operative word is fair,” said Curtis Peldo, lecturer in the philosophy department.

Union President Charley Turner delivered more than 150 signed letters to President Zingg asking for Chico State administrators to support faculty in negotiations.

Bargaining teams from the Chancellor’s office and the CFA are still negotiating:

  • Salary increases
  • Workload reduction

Union negotiators are asking for 1.8 percent increase in salary each year over the three years of the new contract, plus a 3 percent one-time increase for all faculty members.

Faculty members said the number of students in classes have increased without the pay increases needed to support teachers.

“When I was hired in 2008, my enrollment caps were 35 in a class,” said Robert Jones, assistant professor of philosophy. “The second year I was here my enrollment cap went up to 50. I haven’t seen any compensation for that increase and that’s exploitative.”

Union and CSU negotiators will continue to meet to come to a consensus.

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