Students evacuate burning house

Chico Fire-Rescue put out the blaze that scorched the front porch and exterior of the home early Sunday morning. Photo credit: Zachary Phillips

A home with four students and one guest caught fire around 4 a.m. Sunday morning. All escaped with one sustaining minor injuries.

The fire began on the front porch of the house, located on the 600 block of West Fourth Street, before spreading, according to Chico Fire-Rescue Capt. Jesse Alexander. Firefighters were able to stop the fire from spreading into the inside of the home, which was only damaged by the smoke.

Two of the four residents were watching television when they saw sparks on their front porch. The sparks turned into a full fire and the two residents woke the rest of the occupants and escaped through the back door, according to a Chico Fire-Rescue press release.

The burned house after fire fighters put out the blaze. The origin of the fire and damage are still being determined. Photo credit: Monica Fitch

One of the residents received burns to the bottom of both feet during the escape. He was treated by Butte County emergency medical technicians at the scene but refused to be transported to the hospital.

Residents declined to comment.

Chico Fire Prevention Bureau is currently investigating where the fire started and what caused the fire. An estimate of the damage to the property is also being conducted.

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