Students to headline biannual town hall

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Chico State's town hall meeting in the Bell Memorial Union auditorium. Photo courtesy of Chico State.

First-year Chico State political science students in the american government course will present research at the biannual town hall meeting Thursday, Nov. 13 at the Bell Memorial Union auditorium.

Topics involve community and civic engagement such as homelessness, job creation and human trafficking. Students will then work with other faculty and community members to come up with solutions to issues involving their selected topics, according to a campus statement.

Some other topics of this town hall include:

  • veterans’ issues
  • Chico alcohol and drug policies
  • crime and punishment
  • improving K-12 education
  • energy and animal policies

Students will present their research during mini-sessions to consultants throughout the evening and get feedback on how they can contribute to make changes at Chico State and in their own communities in the future.

Consultants include city council members, political activists, nonprofit advocates, educators and graduate students, according to the statement.

“The Town Hall Meeting affords students the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with community members and policy experts and to see for themselves the civic impact they can make when they get involved,” said Luke Alward, town hall meeting student event coordinator.

Some student presentations will be selected to present at the civic engagement forum Dec. 9.

The town hall meeting program combines work from the with Chico State’s First-Year experience, a program used to engage students during their first year of college, political science department and College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

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