Electronic dance music duo comes to Chico

Adventure Club members Christian Srigley & Leighton James
Adventure Club members Christian Srigley and Leighton James on the table spinning tracks at the Senator Theatre Friday night. Photo courtesy Epic Productions

Adventure Club hit the stage Friday night at the Senator Theatre where fans danced the night away.

Chico State students who attended the concert spoke nothing but great things about the electronic dance music duo’s performance.

“The senator was more then 90 percent sold out last night, and it was packed,” Cheyenne Havens said.

Havens attended the show and is also a member of Epic Productions. Her job is to make sure the visiting performers feel comfortable before their show.

“The guys from Adventure Club are young and relatable,” Havens said. “When I asked them if they wanted anything, they asked for magic cards.”

Adventure Club had a great performance according to Robyn Modderman, whom is a personal friend of the group.

“Last night went really well. Chico was awesome,” Modderman said. “One of the main guys, Leighton, got sick during the performance but was still able to pull through and put on a great show.”

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