Student collapses inside Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall student.jpg

As medics arrived, the Chico State student was wheeled into an ambulance for examination. Photo credit: Ari Schwartz

An unidentified Chico State male student collapsed in a hallway on the second floor of Glenn Hall from what appeared to be a 45 second seizure Thursday at 10:50 a.m.

Sergeant Bryce Davison of University Police was on scene but could not answer any questions. It looked like the student was struggling, short of breath and disoriented.

Two others came to aid the student, both business department faculty members, one of whom called for medical assistance.

After a few minutes, the subject got up and began to run away from the scene and those who were trying to help him. The two faculty members then went after the student and made him wait for medical assistance to arrive.

Once all units arrived, medics put the student on a gurney and wheeled him into the ambulance where he was examined. No statements were given at this time.

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