Greeks prepare to welcome new members

Fraternities and sororities gather in the breezeway on campus to promote rush week. Photo credit: John Domogma

Fraternities and sororities are gearing up for the five-day recruitment process that begins on Wednesday, Feb. 4.

Although the recruitment process for fraternities and sororities is quite different, they have one very important goal in common: to welcome new members to Greek life.

Members of Panhellenic Greek system have been showcasing their chapters all year, but have started recruiting officially this semester.

Just this week, Chico State had its annual “Gauntlet Goes Greek” event, which gave fraternities and sororities a place to platform their chapters and their purposes, philanthropies and active members for three consecutive days.

“We have been preparing for this week for so long and we have grown so much this year. People don’t understand all of the hard work and dedication that Greek chapters put into a successful recruitment,” said Shauna Razzano, Vice President of Recruitment for Alpha Phi. “Greek life has brought me such a happy heart and I am so excited to welcome our new members!”

The deadline to sign up for formal recruitment is Friday Jan. 30.

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