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Student transforms art into sticker business

Kayce Tynan, junior graphic design major, has a sticker company called Hazy Kreations that she will be showcasing at the Farmer’s Market in April. Photo credit: Zach Aucella

Normally after studying abroad, students might want to take some time to relax and get back into the swing of school. One student choose to take on the responsibility of starting a design company.

Kayce Tynan, a junior graphic design major, has recently found herself entering a new part of her life. Not only is she a full-time Chico State student and traveler, but she has also added entrepreneur to her list of accomplishments.

Tynan is the founder of Hazy Kreations, a sticker business on Etsy.

Tynan entered Chico State as a sociology major, unsure if it was the right path for her. She then tried her hand at computer graphics since it was more up her alley artistically. But because it was too narrow, Tynan found her way to graphic design.

Tynan doesn’t consider herself an artist, but more of a pro-doodler, she said. She likes to design little doodles more than huge art pieces. She never knew what to do with that passion until entering the graphic design program.

“I could put that into designs and incorporate my art that way,” she said.

Tynan’s doodles stand out because of a mix between the pretty and the ugly, the colorful and the dark. She’s passionate about the theme of her art as embracing entropy.

“Entropy is a deterioration of everything over a period of time,” she said. “I think it’s important to embrace that; embrace that life isn’t permanent, like everything is in a state of chaos. Normally it’s thought of as a negative thing, everything is constantly dying. It’s important keep that in mind and make the most out of everything.”

Last summer, Tynan decided it was time to take her art to another level by creating Hazy Kreations. It is through this business that she is able to showcase her doodles and offer them for sale.

Hazy Kreations stems from a nickname given to Tynan by her friends.

“My friends used to call me Hazy K as a joke,” she said.

Tynan wants to change it sometime, but for now, it is her artistic name.

Art has always been part of Tynan’s life and for a while, she wasn’t sure how to proceed with it. But with the shop, Tynan is inspired to get her artwork out.

Hazy Kreations was on its way to becoming successful, but the timing wasn’t quite right for Tynan, who studied abroad in Italy the past semester. Now that she’s returned to Chico, she plans to open her shop as soon as possible.

Once the Farmer’s Market returns in April, she will be setting up a small booth to sell her stickers and some prints.

She is in the process of getting her seller’s permit and as of now, she is trying to price everything. The important thing is sharing her art with the people of Chico, Tynan said, and if that means losing money in the process, it will be okay.

Tynan hopes that majoring in graphic design will help her gain confidence and learn the skills that will help her become successful on her artistic path.

“I think just fine tune my art skills, that’s something that’s really important,” she said. “I never really learned the importance of that before getting into this major.”

Tynan hopes to design for skateboarders or skate brands one day.

“If (companies) like my stuff and they would want to sell it for skateboard brands,” she said. “That would be really cool.”

Erin Vierra can be reached at [email protected] or @gingersmurf85 on Twitter.


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