Interactive art exhibition opens at Chico State

This interactive artwork by Hye Yeon Nam is on display at the University Art Gallery. Visitors can interact with the object using their body movement. Photo credit: Caio Calado

The University Art Gallery is presenting “Art + Tech: S. L. Clark and Sonya Belakhlef (of Babycastles), Derek Larson, Hye Yeon Nam.”

Derek Larson, artist, director of 4-D Studies and assistant professor at Georgia Southern University, incorporates digital media with lights, motors, paintings and animations projected on freestanding screens. His display focuses on ways that technology has changed the way people perceive.

Digital media artist Hye Yeon Nam works with experimental interactive games, performance video and robotics installations. She uses performance to illustrate common behaviors that contribute to the intricacy of social interaction.

Babycastles artists Sonya Belakhlef and Stephen Lawrence Clark collaborate on a music-based, three-player racing game installation. The interactive, arcade-like environment includes handmade pinatas with accelerometers that go off when hit.

“Art + Tech” features technology-based art works that engage audiences through integrated forms of video production, interactive technology and gaming media.

“Part sculpture, part video, part game experience, these hybrid works generate tactile connections between viewers and artwork,” according to the exhibition’s website.


Exhibit Details

Ending date: Feb. 27
Time: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Place: 100 Trinity Hall
Price: Free

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