Man at Enloe Medical Center claims Xbox is a bomb

DSC00905.JPGEnloe Medical Center the morning after a man claimed to have a bomb. Photo credit: William Rein

The Chico Police Department received a call from Enloe Medical Center after a man reported he was carrying a bomb on Feb. 10.

Officers responded once the call was placed at 3:30 a.m. as the man was being escorted outside by Enloe Medical Center security. Upon arrival police realized the man was carrying an Xbox and not an explosive device.

According to a press release from the department, the man was possibly under the influence of illegal drugs and was determined to be having a mental emergency. He had been in the emergency room when he began the claim to have a bomb.

“It’s not typical for Enloe to give out information on patients,” Christina Chavira, main media contact for Enloe Medical Center said. It’s as per confidentiality protocol. The case is still under investigation. The subject’s name was also withheld from Chico Police Department’s press release.

Chico police detained the subject before returning him for treatment.

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