$3.5 million helicopter purchased by Enloe Medical Center

Enloe Medical Center emergency call program purchases new helicopter. Photo credit: William Rein

Enloe Medical Center recently purchased a $3.5 million helicopter for their FlightCare Program, which is an emergency responder program.

The helicopter is a top of the line EC130 T2 EcoStar with advanced safety technology, plenty of room, low level noise, and an array of new medical equipment.

The Enloe staff is very excited about the new addition, especially with their thirtieth anniversary of air ambulance service being this year.

Andrea Lynne, a Chico resident, is thrilled at the news of the new aircraft. “It sounds like a great investment for Enloe, but also for community members. Knowing that there is a piece of equipment that is capable of coming to the rescue when you may need help is so reassuring,” she said.

After fundraising efforts by the Chico community and with the sale of the old FlightCare helicopter, patients will not see any increase in cost after flying the EcoStar.

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