Candygrams raising money for Lobby Days stolen on campus

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Plumas Hall, where social work students tabled and sold candy grams.

6-8 candygrams as well as the recipient list were stolen from a campus parking lot.

The purpose of the candygrams was to raise money for The Student Association of Social Work to go to Lobby Days 2015. Lobby Days is a two-day event at the state capitol and a chance for social workers to lobby and voice their opinions for social change.

The association tabled outside of Plumas Hall last Monday through Thursday, selling the candy grams for Valentines Day. Students could either purchase candy grams at the table or order them to be delivered on Friday, Feb. 13.

However, Jeff Lester, Chico State student and Junior representative for the School of Social Work, experienced a disappointing situation on Thursday when six to eight of the candygrams were stolen from him.

He had left a bag containing the grams to be delivered and the recipient list by his car in the parking lot while he walked back on campus to look for his missing car keys. When he retrieved his keys and walked back to his car, the bag was gone.

Besides the stolen grams, The association did end up selling 40 candygrams by tabling on campus.

“Of course, we are reimbursing those who had bought a candygram that was stolen on Thursday. It’s just an unfortunate situation. A lot of time and planning went into it,” Lester said.

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