Chico celebrates National Agriculture Week

Almond blooms at University Farm. Photo courtesy Samuel Monteon

As most students have returned to their home for sunny skies and beach parties, Chico State still plans on paying homage to Ag Day.

National Ag Week takes place from Sunday through Saturday March 21, while Ag Day is held on Wednesday March 18.

According to, “Ag day is about recognizing – and celebrating – the contribution of agriculture in our everyday lives.”

Chico State will be hosting several hundred kindergarten and first grade students at the University Farm on Wednesday for an educational day of hands on activities.

Samuel Monteon, a junior agricultural education student, believes that National Agriculture Week helps people realize the importance of agriculture in today’s world.

“National Ag Week is a time to recognize the ample food, fiber and fuels that agriculturists contribute to our daily lives–things we are quite familiar with but often take for granted,” Monteon said.

Since Ag Week takes place over spring break, the University Farm school visit is the only festivity planned. However, the break won’t be deterring Monteon from celebrating.

“I plan to attend the weekly farmer’s market on Saturday to help support local farmers and to hopefully learn something from them,” Monteon said.

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