Two men keep taking their pants off

Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Chico Police Department

Call Type: Drunk In Public Friday, 7:45 p.m., West 4th Street

“Two male subjects in the area trying to start fights with everyone in the area. Subjects keep taking their pants off.”

Call Type: Suspicious Subject Friday, 7:33 p.m., Mangrove Avenue

“Subject walking in the alley between East Lindo Avenue and East 7th Street, looking over fences. Subject is dressed in all black and has face mask on.”

Call Type: Fight Friday, 8:51 p.m., Esplanade Avenue

“Employee and another are in a fist fight. Female in Jack In The Box uniform. Parties have separated. Female in uniform went back into business.”

Call Type: Suspicious Subject Saturday, 2:07 a.m., Walnut Street

“Vehicle parked in the middle of the street. Two males dancing around the car with their music on loud. Caller believes that they are drunk.”

Call Type: Drunk In Public Saturday, 12:31 a.m., Nord Avenue

“Female unknown to reporting party came inside apartment, stating she lives there. When all roommates came home, suspect was sitting on balcony. Suspect is now in the bathroom. Roommate is trying to get her out of apartment.”

Call Type: Drunk In Public Saturday, 2:07 a.m., Bruce Road

“Female in middle of the roadway. At first, she asked the caller for directions, then started screaming, cursing at the caller. Suspect now trying to hit the caller.”