Iamsu! to perform at Senator Theatre

Courtesy of Jmax Productions

Bay Area rapper and producer Iamsu! is coming to the Senator Theatre to promote his “All Eyes on Me” tour.

Don’t worry, Iamsu! doesn’t think he’s Tupac. His stage name is there to remind him who he is. What he means by “all eyes on me” is that he sees himself when he looks out to his fans.

“Regardless of ethnicity, when I look out all I see is that we have one goal,” Iamsu! said, “and that’s self-confidence.”

Iamsu! founded the HBK Gang, or Heartbreak Gang, as an art collective that preaches an idea similar to his current tour.

“We’re celebrating the art culture of the Bay (Area), not women or money,” Iamsu! said “We want to be a model for how to make it out.”

And people should listen, because they know what they’re doing. The HBK Gang has helped bring the Bay Area sound into relevance again post-Mac Dre and has collaborated with popular artists both mainstream and underground alike including E-40, 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa.

Iamsu! said that on tour, people can expect a higher level of production value and visual effects to help keep his live shows fresh. Regardless of an audience’s state of mind, it will leave with comfort, warmed spirit and some added self-confidence.

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