College males shoot bottles set up on mattress with BB guns

Photo credit: Miles Huffman


University Police Department

Call Type: Disturbance Friday, 2:53 a.m., Whitney Hall

“Male subject was throwing furniture around. Has been drinking.”

Call Type: Evaluation Requested Friday, 11:52 p.m., University Village

“Female in bathroom refusing to come out. Water running, possible water damage to property.”

Chico Police Department

Call Type: Noise Complaint Saturday, 12:10 a.m., West 2nd Street

“Loud party with DJ. Subjects keep accessing her backyard to urinate. Racial slurs also being yelled.”

Call Type: Municipal Code Violation Friday 6:28 p.m., Hazel Street

“Mattress set up against stop sign facing street. College age males have beer bottles sitting on top of mattress and are shooting them with BB guns.”

Call Type: Disturbance Friday, 3:06 p.m., Broadway Street

“Caller was approached by a male and told that he was disturbing the man’s dogs. The man took his shirt off, showing caller his tattoos, and tried to get caller to fight. Subject has three pit bull type dogs with him.”

Call Type: Refusing to Leave Friday, 2:41 p.m., East 20th Street

“Female in front of business is refusing to leave. Caller asked her to move along and she will not. Keeps rambling about Obama and cussing caller out.”

Call Type: Transient Problem Friday, 9:41 a.m., Kern Street

“Caller advising that a transient went through his trash that he is throwing out and no longer wants, but does not want a transient to have his trash.”