Cammies: Jazz Showcase

Bogg the Jazz Quartet performing at 1078 for the Cammies Jazz Showcase. Photo credit: Caio Calado

This year’s CAMMIES jazz showcase pits the old school, savage swinging of Chico Jazz Collective against Bogg’s current, filthy groove.

Thursday’s event at 1078 Gallery marked the beginning of the Chico News & Review music festival’s 10th anniversary. Also performing were Holly Taylor and The Miami Rogue Roosters, but Taylor was backed by Bogg and although the Roosters sound tight with their full band of experienced players, they clearly aren’t on the same level as the Collective.

The Chico Jazz Collective trio set a high standard for musicianship immediately. Between solos, Chico State professor Rocky Winslow and his trumpet would drop out, allowing drums and bass the spotlight.

Drummer Robert Delgardo never took his eyes off of bassist Greg D’Augelli, hitting in unison at perfect times in the middle of their own separate, busy parts.

The rhythm section paved the way for Bogg, the second band of the evening, who took the groove somewhere completely different. It’s impossible to watch a Bogg set without at least nodding your head. The rhythm is so locked in and downright dirty, laying a solid foundation for violin and keys over the top.

They backed up Taylor for her whole set, reading charts because she said they hadn’t rehearsed. Her smooth voice melded well with Bogg’s established sound.

The Miami Rogue Roosters didn’t exactly end the night with a bang, but it was exciting to have a full band in the lineup.

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