Vote today for student elections

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The logo for this year’s election. Photo courtesy of Chico State

Ballots opened the 2015 Associated Students general election on Wednesday morning.

Most of the ballots have a rating system meaning voters are given the candidates running for the specific field and voters rate them in order who they want to win. If there are three candidates in one field, the top choice is given an one, the next choice a two and the final choice a three.

There are some ballots that are write-in only. If voters want to vote for someone who is running for office but doesn’t have their name on the ballot, voters can check the write-in box then must correctly spell the person’s name they are voting for. If spelled incorrectly, the vote doesn’t count.

After the A.S. election votes, the ballot will ask voters to vote for or against Real Food Chico.

The last thing is a donation vote. Students can check up to three organizations on campus to donate up to $15 towards.

Voting will conclude April 16 at 8 a.m. and can be done here.

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