Cammies: Hard Rock/Metal Showcase

Jake Hollingsworth of Abberance flaild his head while performing at 1078 Gallery in downtown Chico for the metal showcase of the Cammies. Photo credit: Caio Calado

Three-piece black metal band Blight opened up the Cammies hard rock/metal showcase on Thursday with great intensity. The guitarist and bassist did screaming, high-pitched dual vocals. The drummer was persistent with great high-speed tempos right behind them.

The band’s overall sound was dark and dissonant with a lot of distortion from the guitar and bass amps. The musicians would occasionally slow down the rhythms and focus on melody. They would build upon these parts up until it went right back into the fast-paced tempos and chaos the subgenre has to offer.

The next band to play was Teeph, which also has three band members. The drummer played at about the same tempo as Blight but had a little more spacing in timing between hits on the snare drum.

Three-piece metal outfit Teeph showcases their chaotic music styling. Photo credit: Caio Calado

This band was all over the place with guitar riff phrasing and various genres all combined into one. The guitarist and bassist were moving everywhere on the floor, making the music even more atmospheric in sound.

High-pitched screaming vocals were present as well. The bassist’s tone was low and vibrated the room. The band would slow down at times and then ring out low chords. The distortion on the amps was loud and helped strengthen the vibe of the music.

The last band to perform was four-piece death metal band Aberrance. Yet again, the drumming had a fast-paced tempo. The vocalist had a wide range of low-end tones, and the bassist, who also was a backup vocalist, had a more high-pitched voice.

The guitars and bass would perform fast chord progressions but also fast melodic-oriented riffs. At times, all of the band members would headbang in synchronization with their long hair flowing chaotically. Their sound overall was very heavy.

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