Sorority to aid special needs children in community

Members of the Sorority Upsilon Kappa Delta volunteer at this year’s Yellow Door Walk for Autism Awareness From left to right:
Andrea Hernández, Ana Hernández Gonzalez, Andrea Lopez, Griselda Avila, Carmen Toribio. Photo courtesy of Andrea Hernández Photo credit: Austin Redfern

On Saturday, Upsilon Kappa Delta hosted a carnival for children with special needs on campus that featured a variety of carnival games, prizes such as pencils and coloring books and food for the children to enjoy.

Andrea Hernández, Upsilon Kappa Delta’s vice president of external affairs, public relations chair and athletic chair, said that special needs doesn’t necessarily just mean children with disabilities and that the carnival is open to every child.

“This is a carnival for children with special needs,” Hernández said. “We are trying our best to cater to the children that are often not included because of their differences.”

The carnival is put on by Upsilon Kappa Delta every spring and the sorority makes sure that they utilize campus resources, fundraising and even help from their fellow Greeks to make it happen.

“Because this is something we do every spring, we always make sure to have fundraisers where the proceeds will solely go to funding our carnival,” Hernández said.

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