Golf charity event raises money for local youth sports

The Good Guys organization hosted a golf charity event to raise money for local youth sports at Canyon Oaks Country Club on Friday. The event included on-course golfing and a clubhouse dinner, which featured raffle prizes.

Thirty teams participated in the golf event. Teams golfed at each hole, where there were opportunities to win prizes, such as Bear bucks and Sierra Nevada Brewery gift cards, all donated by the companies.

Hole-in-one prizes were also offered, including a brand new golf cart.

“All of the money we’ve raised today is going to help our local youth sports; it’s awesome,” said Scott Denney, owner of Hughes Ski Hut and sponsor of the event.

Guests ended the day with a nice dinner held in the clubhouse banquet room.

Prizes were lined up against the surrounding walls and over $2,000 worth of raffle tickets were sold.

“We couldn’t have done it without this support,” Denney said.

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