Richard Whitehead art exhibition comes to 1078 Gallery

Richard Whitehead’s art exhibit “Another Light - A Retrospective” will be on display at the 1078 Gallery from May 7-30. Viewers are invited to discover universal meanings through examination of the paintings. Photo credit: Courtesy of Richard Whitehead

The art exhibit “Another Light – A Retrospective” by Richard Whitehead will be shown at the 1078 Gallery May 7-30. It will display his artwork and poetry from the last 40 years.

“My art is a means of self-fulfillment and exploration, which I then communicate to others through the visual arts,” Whitehead said. “My art is about what we have in common as people.”

Whitehead uses a variety of mediums in his work.

“I began painting traditionally in oil and transitioned to acrylics and mixed media over the years,” he said. “In college, I was interested in printmaking and sculpture, then used those skills in producing modern art.”

The exhibit includes 45 of Whitehead’s artworks, which will fill up the entire gallery. The pieces in the exhibit will also be arranged chronologically.

The exhibit opened with a reception on Friday, and the show will continue throughout the month of May.

Whitehead hopes viewers can connect the pieces and find their universal meanings, he said.

“I want the viewers of my show to participate in my artwork as much as possible by examining the intent and intellectual meaning of my paintings,” he said. “They reveal truths about ourselves and are existential situations in life. We have so much to share and learn in the short time we have together.”

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