Chico Pride attendees ashamed of Mormon vendor


Emily Nicole Teague

San Francisco performer, Mahlae, comes out to Chico Gay Pride’s Variety Show Friday night. Photo credit: Emily Teague

Stonewall Alliance, a local non-profit organization, celebrated its 25th anniversary of Chico Pride this weekend. Although the event was intended to be all-inclusive, some attendees were offended by one vendor in particular.

Saturday’s Pride festival took place in City Plaza featuring booths and vendors from Wells Fargo to Chico State’s Gender & Sexual Equity Center to Mormons Building Bridges.

“I was wondering if someone from Stonewall Chico could explain why the Mormon church was allowed to have a booth at the downtown event today,” commented Todd Enos on the Chico Pride 2015 Facebook page. “You all realize they funded a huge portion of the Prop 8 campaign, right?”

Dawn Davis, a festival attendee, continued the thread saying a member of the LGBTQ+ community stated “I’d rather wear a KKK sticker,” in response to the Mormon church stickers.

In response to the community outrage, Nichole Hermance, the Stonewall Alliance office coordinator, responded “the Mormons Building Bridges booth is a group of individuals who are members of the Mormon faith,” she said. “They do not represent the church, only themselves. As an organization, we welcome all whose intent is to support our community.”

“I don’t want to be just tolerated,” Carrie Lara said in a Facebook comment. “I would like to be accepted.”

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