Survey reveals faculty displeasure with Zingg

Chico State President Paul Zingg. Photo by  Trevor Ryan
Chico State President Paul Zingg. Photo by Trevor Ryan

Last spring, President Zingg implemented a campus climate survey to address faculty, staff and administrative issues and concerns. The results concluded that more than half of faculty feels President Zingg and his administration do not respect faculty input.

On August 21, Zingg nominated Susan Elrod as provost and vice president of academic affairs. Although Elrod declined the nomination and will continue to serve as interim provost, Zingg created an uproar when he disregarded all faculty involvement for the nominee.

In a California Faculty Association email, they reported that Zingg directly violated the memorandum that he created to ensure “faculty participation in the selection and performance review of the administration positions.”

Ongoing themes regarding leadership from the campus climate survey were:

  • Input means nothing
  • Lack of communication, transparency and trust
  • Administration out of touch with campus

One representative quote from the survey stated “Performance evaluations are worthless. You are not rewarded/disciplined for the work indicated in the evaluation so they are pointless.”

This Thursday there will be an open forum to discuss the results of the climate survey and shared governance at 2:30 p.m. in Colusa Hall 100. All are invited to listen, voice concerns or ask questions.

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