Woman assaults staff in physical science building

Carly Plemons

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Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Chico Police Department

Call Type: Suspicious Subject, Wednesday 9:08 a.m., on Magnolia Ave.

“A man was on the front porch of a resident’s house, complaining that his work truck was stolen. The resident let him use their phone and was scared so the police were called to remove him from the porch.”

Call Type: Suspicious Subject, Wednesday 8:59 p.m., on Forest Ave.

“There was a man in a white vehicle parked outside of a 7-11 asking people to buy him beer.”

Call Type: 415-Subject, Wednesday 10:41 p.m., on Park Ave. at Sierra Wine & Deli

“There was a women inside the store smashing items and trying to fight employees.”

Call Type: Harassment, Wednesday 5:33 p.m., on Tonea Way

“A male she had met in Spain had flown to Chico after sending her many emails and texts to her. A restraining order was advised.”

Call Type: Petty Theft, Wednesday 1:32 p.m., on Broadway St. at Salvation Army

“A woman ran out of the store with an armful of clothing was last seen on Broadway.”

University Police Department

Call Type: Disturbance, Wednesday 10:26 a.m., Physical Science building

“A woman was being verbal and threatening physical violence on the staff in an office.”

Call Type: Fire Alarm, Wednesday 3:09 p.m., Miriam Library

“There was a fire alarm in the Meriam Library.”

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