BlueLight application guides students home safely


Students now have applications for everything: messaging, banking and fittness trackers. Now, students are using applications for their personal safety as well.

BlueLight is a new application which focuses on getting students home safely. It is able to route calls to the closest responder by using the user’s location. BlueLight can also send the user’s location to their listed emergency contacts and notify them when the user is home safe.

“I haven’t downloaded a safety app yet, but it’s something I should think about,” said Nicole Curreri, sophomore. “I don’t feel comfortable walking alone, especially at night.”

According to the U.S. Department of Education campus crime statistics, 55 percent of students personally know someone who has been affected by crime, and over 90 percent of college women have used their smartphones to stay safer on campus.

While there was a decrease in crime this past Labor Day weekend, police still see crime on the rise in Chico. Chico State students can feel security when using BlueLight to walk home and notify their loved ones or contact police if necessary.

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