Chico Police Department create a new application for community

Carly Plemons

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Sgt. Merrifield.jpg

Interim Lieutenant Rob Merrifield of the Chico Police Department. Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Lt. Rob Merrifield

Public access to the Chico Police Department just got easier. A new application has been introduced by the Chico PD in an effort to better inform and communicate with the Chico community.

“We want people to receive information about wanted persons or just police activity in their neighborhood,” said Lt. Rob Merrifield. “To be able to make it easier for folks to connect.”

In about two weeks, the Chico Police application will be available for iPhone and Android download. The application’s goal is to provide Chico PD updates and information to the community quicker and in one place.

Other police departments have similar applications, such as the Sacramento Police Department, however this one is specific to Chico.

Features included are: contact information directory of officers and staff, social media links, a property feature that allows you to report stolen property or even register a bike, a tip line and potentially a section for most wanted or a frequently asked questions.

“It’s recognizing that people communicate differently now than they used to,” Merrifield said. “We just want to see this as a way for us to get information out and to receive information more efficiently and in a way that people can understand.”

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