Projector stolen from classroom


Chico Police Department

Call type: Suspicious circumstance Friday 9:07 a.m., Sheridan Avenue
Someone was pounding on reporting party’s doors and windows. Subject was screaming for a female named “Alyssa” who the reporting party does not know. Reporting party was not comfortable looking out for a description of subject. Subject spent five minutes outside while reporting party hid in closet. A similar type of incident occurred on Oct. 1.

Call type: Suspicious subject Friday 10:37 a.m., Esplanade Avenue
Subject was pacing around vehicles, looking into empty vehicles along the Lindo Channel side and 11th Avenue area. Subject was carrying random items and had a shirt or something wrapped around his arm.

Call type: Hit and Run-no injury Friday 1:51 p.m., Notre Dame Boulevard
Reporting party came out of store and pickup had crashed into her car with nobody around it.

Call type: Suspicious subject Friday 3:04 p.m., Forest Avenue
Subject in a wheelchair was in front of a business and had a tin can saying it was for disabled veterans. Reporting party saw the subject walking around and did not appear to have supporting documentation.

Call type: Hit and Run-no injury Friday 4:02 p.m., Mulberry Street
Victim was riding his bike to work and was hit by a car that kept going on 12th Street. Victim did not see in which direction the car left.

University Police Department

Call type: Grand Theft-Greater than $950 Friday 8:43 a.m., Arcadian Avenue
Infocus IN12 Laptop Interface Projector was stolen around mid August. Projector was on inventory report two weeks before school started. Noticed it was missing on the first day class was in session. Delayed reporting because they have been looking for in but are unable to locate it.

Call type: Suspicious subject Friday 11:33 p.m., West 1st Street
Male subject wearing black clothes was near bike racks. Subject was seen taking bike parts of bikes.

Call type: Suspicious subject Friday 11:53 p.m., Normal Avenue
Subject was found sleeping his car. Subject’s car was parked on the ramp between the first and second floor.