‘Deadpool’ daft but delightful


Ryan Reynolds disguised as deadpool. Photo from official Facebook movie page

When the opening credits of a movie introduce the hero as “God’s Perfect Idiot,” the supporting female role as the “Hot Girl” and the producers as “Hollywood Asshats,” you can probably figure how the next hour and a half is going to go.

“Deadpool” is raunchy, gory and fully loaded with fart jokes that adolescent boys will recite into teenage delinquency. Needless to say, the role was custom-fit for the acting abilities of Ryan Reynolds.

But the raunchiness and juvenility are really what make the film stand out among typical Hollywood superhero juggernauts. Part comedy, part action, part love story initiated with prostitution, “Deadpool” is a cinematic superhero experience like no other because it righteously owns the childish wisecracks—the insolent bloody one-liners.

“I’m going to do to you what Limp Bizkit did to music in the late ’90s,” Deadpool says before impaling another nameless thug. A Limp Bizkit reference and bloody murder in the same scene? Can it get any better?

It does get better when audience members find out Reynolds can successfully pull off a role in which his good looks are stripped and he is required to wear a mask for the majority of the film.

Consequently, “Deadpool” truly serves as a fitting revival from Reynolds’ dreadful performance as the Green Lantern in 2011. Win.

Of course, “Deadpool” does not deviate from the predictable superhero storyline—a dude falls in love with a girl, something bad happens, he becomes a superhero seeking revenge, saves the girl and then the movie just, well, ends—probably destroying any chances for a second date.

After a while, the gasps of gore that fall over the audience turn into laughs and flood the theater seats, and for that I give “Deadpool” a 4/5 rating. It is a raunchy good time.

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