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‘Fuller House’ shouldn’t get any fuller

Promotional photo for the series. Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page for “Fuller House.”

In its day, “Full House” was a classic TV show whose timelessness brought families together. Unfortunately the show is a thing of the past. Recently, “Fuller House” has become one of the newest Netflix original series that is stirring up mixed feelings among its viewers.

Growing up with the original “Full House” immediately had me believing the idea of a follow-up reunion series would turn into somewhat of an attempt to revive the original one.

The worst part, was that it was an attempt gone wrong. The first episode focused on a full cast reunion, minus Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson who both shared the role of Michelle Tanner in the original series.

In the first episode, the Tanner family all come together for one last gathering before the family home is sold. Recently widowed D.J. Tanner-Fuller ends up moving into her family home with her three boys, where the original series took place.

D.J.’s sister, Stephanie Tanner, and best friend Kimmy Gibbler decide to move in with her to help out with raising her kids, adopting the same plot as the original “Full House.”

The acting was sub-par and obnoxiously cheesy. The original series shared the same traits, but at least you could put a little bit of the blame on the time period it was filmed in.

In this new series you can tell how overly outdone the writers tried to make it similar to the original one. Stephanie Tanner’s famous phrase “How rude!” was used. Yet it just came off extremely odd seeing a woman over 30 saying a phrase like a child would.

“Fuller House” just seemed incredibly boring to me. The combination of bad acting and an outdated storyline made the viewer feel like every episode was the same monotonous one over and over again.

The show could have been so much better than what was presented and was not what I was expecting. It was disappointing that the entire original cast was present for only one episode and mostly revolved around D.J. Tanner.

“Fuller House” had the potential to be a much better show that could have thrived on the nostalgia of what used to be “Full House.” However that wasn’t utilized and diminished any chances of keeping my interest.

If the full original cast was present for the remainder of the series, I think it would have brought a show with more substance.

Regardless of if you were, are or aren’t a fan of the television show “Full House,” you knew what it was. The unfortunate truth with this new series, is that trying to recreate something that was timeless to so many isn’t going to come across to viewers the same way the original show did, which left “Fuller House” in the dust.

Carly Plemons can be reached at [email protected] or @plemnz on Twitter.

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  • M

    Mike f // Mar 10, 2016 at 6:52 am

    It seems that it did good enough to get a second season. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. If anything is lane here its your review and point of view. There was no bad acting they couldn’t have done any better. It’s much better for family and kids to watch full house than about 80% of the shit that’s on tv.LONG LIVE FULLER HOUSE!!!!!!!!

    • K

      Kyira // Mar 10, 2016 at 9:57 am

      Tell him…. But like he said. . you didn’t have to watch it…. If you thought the first episode was boring you could have stopped watching it but you didn’t…. And nobody even asked for your opinion on fuller house so you can sit down with all that shade throwing