Period Week focuses on the stigma of menstruation


eliza dyer, the director of GSEC hopes that Period Week will educate people about menstruation and sustainable practices. Photo credit: Christine Zuniga

The Gender and Sexuality Equity Center announced its Period Week event in collaboration with Associated Students Sustainability. The week-long series of events is scheduled to run from March 21 to March 25 and is meant to de-stigmatize the topic of menstruation.

GSEC director eliza dyer is hoping that the event will allow people to feel more comfortable discussing menstruation as well as inform people of alternatives to tampons and pads.

“We are collaborating with AS Sustainability, and we saw that one potential way that our mission statements align is the need for de-stigmatization of conversations around periods and menstruation,” dyer said. “Some of that education could lead more to environmentally sustainable practices such as menstrual cups or reusable pads.”

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