‘The Bachelor’ finale: A male perspective


Ben awaits his future fiance. Photo from “The Bachelor” Facebook page.

See writer’s notes on the finale at end of article.

Television has truly come a long way. No longer do boyfriends, husbands and insignificant others have made-up excuses to drink excessively during “The Bachelor.” A drinking game specifically created for the hallmark reality show was a new and exciting addition to the 19th season.

Take a drink when:

· Lauren B. or JoJo say “husband”

· You see a helicopter or hot tub

· Ben cries

· Someone rejects Ben

· Someone walks off

I mean, anything can be entertaining after 11 shots.

Ben proposes to Lauren during the finale. Photo from “The Bachelor” Facebook page.

Among the tears and the ongoing applause (and many drinks), Ben and Lauren sit center stage to recap their fairy-tale love story on the 19th season of this marketed competition of exploited romance.

And as the audience predicted, Ben chose Lauren over JoJo, and now the software salesmen and flight attendant are going to live happily ever after. In Denver.

Both parties’ parents and family members surround the two as they are interviewed about their experience in the difficult quest to find true love before a television audience filmed on location at Sandals Resorts in Jamaica and the Bahamas.

“10 more minutes and I won’t be relevant,” said Ben, the bachelor, toward the end of the finale interview. Tears filled his eyes as he looked at his fiancee.

I’m sorry Ben, but I don’t think I can handle another 10 seconds. I need my own helicopter to take me away. The trailer for the season premier of “The Bachelorette” is up next.

Ben and Jojo seemingly in love, before he broke her heart. She was announced the next “Bachelorette” shortly after. Photo from “The Bachelor” Facebook page.

The highlight of “The Bachelor” finale was when Jimmy Kimmel stood up in the audience wielding a notebook much like that of a journalist. His first question was, “Where do babies come from?”

Ben looked confused as if this was the first time he had to think during his career in front of the cameras. An awkward expression covered his face, followed by a pause before he responded with, “Um, I don’t know, we’ll have to talk about it.”

Minutes before the show ended, Chris Harrison, host of the show, asked if they would like to exchange vows on stage, a pastor on standby. Ben and Lauren decided to wait for a more appropriate time in the future.

I truly grant them some respect in avoiding being married in front of a live television audience. It takes courage to step away from the limelight and camera. Which is something I truly didn’t expect. For that I give “The Bachelor” a one out five stars. I’m sure the two newlyweds will get a killer deal at a Sandals Resort and Spa for their honeymoon.

Notes on “The Bachelor” finale:

  • One guy (Ben) has to make the choice between 25 women.
  • Comes down to the finalists JoJo and Lauren (flight attendant)
  • Jeep ride though mud. Obvious that Ben is going to pick Lauren and leave JoJo deserted on a tropical island.
  • JoJo will have to return to Dallas, ashamed at not winning “The Bachelor.”
  • Jeep rides and having fun in Jamaica, getting ready to eliminate. Apprehension hangs in the air.
  • Sandals Resorts
  • Hot tubs
  • Helicopters
  • Tears
  • “I found love but I found it with somebody else.” – Ben to JoJo
  • “First time I saw you, I loved you.” – Ben to Lauren
  • “I can tell he is thinking something, I just don’t know what it is.” – Lauren
  • “I’m just praying for clarity.” – Ben
  • Jimmy Kimmel in audience: “Where do babies come from?” and “What exactly happens in the luxury suit?”

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