Department name changed to better reflect academic program


President Zingg, the Academic Senate and the Interim Provost had to approve the department’s name change. Photo courtesy of Chico State.

The Department of Political Science is now the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice, effective March 24.

The memorandum was submitted in December 2015 and was approved by President Zingg with the support of the Academic Senate and the Interim Provost.

With over 600 criminal justice students in the department, the new name was proposed to better reflect the program and curriculum.

“We are very excited to now be the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice. Because more than half of the department’s students are seeking a degree in criminal justice, we wanted our new name to better represent the nature of our department,” said Mahalley Allen, department chair. “Our new department name represents not only the traditional fields of political science study but also the field of criminal justice and reflects our department’s present-day focus and breadth.”

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