‘Stuck in Love’ perfect for a rainy day


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Here’s what I took from the film: one family, three generations and a lost bond.

“Stuck in Love” follows the story of one broken family finding its way back into love after a hard divorce. Over the course of one year, Bill Borgens (Greg Kinnear), his daughter Sam (Lily Collins) and his son Rusty (Nat Wolff) each discover new ways to find love during different stages of life.

The film starts by capturing the Borgens’ Thanksgiving, where Sam and Rusty find their dad still setting a table seat for their mother, who they all know moved out and has been living with a younger man for a while. Sam, a college student, announces that her book is going to be published, and her dad (a novelist himself) is ecstatic.

While the movie follows Sam’s publishing timeline with events and different milestones leading up to the release, each character finds themselves lost in the complexity of love and relationships.


Sam slowly falls in love with a classmate she meets at a bar, except she denies it for most of the film. With her guard up high and standards even higher, Sam believes she is way out of Lou’s league.

Over the course of the film, Lou digs about the massive crack in Sam’s heart from her parents’ separation, helping her to heal little by little. Late in the film, Sam is let in on a major tragedy in Lou’s life and is able let herself love him through it.

Rusty, the youngest and still in high school, finds himself in the way of his dream girl and her tough and abusive boyfriend. Kate, his dream girl, seeks comfort and refuge in Rusty who is the only guy to see past her looks and into who she is. He begins to fall hard for Kate and experiences many firsts of love with her. But Kate struggles with a drug addiction, and Rusty is forced to choose between his troubled girlfriend and what he knows is right.

Their father, Bill, has a run-in with the law early in the film when he is caught sneaking around his ex-wife’s new boyfriend’s house. After that, he begins to let go. He finds himself within his children and begins to support them as best as he can. With time, Bill befriends his ex-wife, and the movie ends with them truly “stuck in love.”

This film is a treat for a Sunday night or a rainy day in, and it will leave you thinking about all the relationships in your own life.

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